Will you or won’t you?

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Recently my pastor preached on a word that has been on my heart for quite sometime. Obedience. Such a simple word. We use it all the time. We talk about how our children need to obey. We talk about obeying the law. We even use obedience when talking about our pets. But do we really understand its importance, especially when we are talking about Christianity. Do we really grasp the importance of obeying what God wants us to do. So, I pose a simple question….

Will you do what God asks or won’t you?

When he asks us to deny ourselves and follow after him, will we lay down the things that separate us from God? Will we do the things that seem strange, crazy, or that put us out of our comfort zone? What if what He is asking is hard? Even when it is terribly hard will we obey? I hope our answer is yes, though I know far too often our answer is no. We may not completely understand that we are saying no, but if we are not walking in God’s will, then that is exactly what we are saying.

The bible tells us if we love God then we will obey, sounds simple enough right? But yet we don’t always obey. Maybe we are scared. Maybe we are unsure of what we are hearing. Maybe we are just selfish. Whatever the reason, the reason really is not the issue. Jesus lived to make the Father happy and glad. That is what we should do. If you are a parent, you know that is what you want from your child. You want obedience. And you want obedience not because you are a big, mean parent. You want obedience, because you want what is best for your child. Well, church, that is why God wants obedience.

Obedience is about love. Obedience is about God’s love for us and our love for him. We become obedient when we love what the Father loves. Because we value what the Father values. Our Lord God is perfect in all ways. The things He wants for us are better than anything we can imagine. He wants us to obey because He sees the whole picture and knows what is waiting for us on the other side of obedience.

At the end of the day, it may look strange. It most likely will be uncomfortable and even hard at first. But the more you obey, the more of God’s presence you will see in your life and the quicker and easier it will become to obey. But easy is relative. No one said it was suppose to be easy. In fact the Word says the way is narrow. But it comes down to this, we are called to obey.

So the questions becomes and easy one.

Will I or won’t I? My way or God’s way? My will or God’s will?

How about it church? Where are we at? Our will, or God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven? So church, I ask you. Will we or won’t we?





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