Don’t Stop Pushing

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At the beginning of the year I had a dream of being in labor. I was in a delivery room and I said “I can’t do it any longer. I need to stop.” I immediately woke up. I heard God say to me. “Don’t stop pushing. You are almost there.”

There comes a time when you are birthing something that you will want to stop. But most likely that’s when you are close and must not/can not stop pushing. You’re almost there.

I have four children and let me tell you birthing isn’t a lot of fun in my opinion. It’s hard, it’s painful, it’s exhausting. Yet when that baby is put into your arms, you don’t even remember the pain and exhaustion.

Life can be a lot like child birth especially when we are going through trials and waiting on God to move. It can be hard, painful and exhausting. When we are in that kind of season how many times have we given up or felt like giving up?

Well, let me share something else I have learned through giving birth. When you are the closest to delivery, is when it becomes the hardest. It’s called transition. It’s no surprise that it’s called transition. Transition by definition is:

-the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.
-to undergo or cause to undergo a process or period of transition.

Transition by definition is movement and change. It’s a process. It can be a hard and painful one but with a great reward on the other side. Even if you can’t see what is going, something is moving. You must trust that things are changing whether you can see them or not. I know it can feel like a long, dark, scary tunnel. Like a long, dark night without a dawn. But you have to come out the other side. You will come out on the other side. Because what’s been waiting there will be glorious.

I know you are tired. I know you’ve been waiting. But wait a little longer. Keep the faith. Pray a little harder. God knows his plans for you. And right now is your transition. So take a deep breath, focus on the other side and don’t stop pushing. You’re almost there.


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