Coming Home – Prodigal Son

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This weeks poem for Poetry Tuesday is an original. I may still make changes. So much of my writing is a work in progress. Enjoy and be blessed my friends.

Coming Home – Prodigal Son

It’s time to come home,
You’ve been gone too long.
Running far and going astray,
Walking in your own way.
He is waiting for your return,
Giving you the time you need to learn.
Waiting, to hold you through your pain
He’s calling, come to me, don’t refrain.
Where have you been my child? I miss you so.
I love you more than you’ll ever know.
I am waiting, here by your side,
I will not forsake you, I haven’t lied.
Come home, my daughter, my son.
Come home to me, your battle is already won.

© Leah Jacobsen

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