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I haven’t posted on my blog for a couple of weeks. One week I was in Haiti and on my return I have been catching up on life and trying to process my time there and what’s next in my life. Haiti opened my eyes to a whole different world and truly a different side of God.

You see before Haiti, I knew that poverty existed. I have seen poverty here in my own country. I am from the Appalachians and growing up there, I saw poor areas and poor people. But that was nothing compared to the things I saw in Haiti. The poverty there is at an entirely different level. I hope things are getting better for the people of Haiti, I am not sure if they are getting better in the physical realm, but I am quite certain they are getting better for them in the spiritual realm. You see the beautiful people of Haiti love Jesus with a passion that we, as Americans, don’t see everyday. They have a passion for serving. A passion for praising. A passion for faith. A passion for prayer. In the midst of having so little, they have so much. You see the Christians in Haiti praise and love God regardless of their circumstances. They love him unselfishly and unrelentingly. Their world is God and everything else fits around Him.

During one of the church services I was moved beyond tears and stood quietly caught in one of those moments that changes your life. We were singing “Break Every Chain”. Singing it in both English and Creole. It was beautiful. It was like a glimpse of heaven. I caught sight of how I see God through my American eyes. He speaks to me in English. I often think of Him as American. But here, I saw how he also speaks Creole. Now before this moment I considered my view of the God of the universe as huge, but that old view was smashed and enlarged. God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the Creator of all things. Here in another nation, my God was made bigger to me in a moment. I will never be the same. I went to another country to serve and came out changed. The people of Haiti gave me a gift. A gift of love and open arms, a gift of acceptance, a gift of friendship, and a gift of new vision. Part of my heart is still there. I’m praying now for those we left behind when we came home. I look forward to the day when I see them again. I’m praying for revival in my country and in theirs. I’m praying for a passion and fire set in the hearts of God’s people. I’m inspired to be more with less. I’m thankful for the experience and looking forward to the future journeys that God has for me. And I now understand more than ever how one moment, one revelation, can change your life. I look forward to sharing more about Haiti in posts to come. Be blessed my friends.

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