Hope for Haiti

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This week I have had Haiti on my mind. More appropriately, the people of Haiti. See the thing is, when I decided to go to Haiti on a mission trip, I had no idea what to expect. When I got there nothing could have prepared me for what I would see. Flying into Haiti, you could see all the small temporary housing. To be honest, I cried right there on the plane. Then when we got off the plane and made our way out of the airport I was struck by the need here in this country. By the dusty desolation.

But then, driving along the dusty road, I saw a thriving green vine growing in an old building. It had beautiful crimson flowers. The mountains rose in the background and the beautiful Caribbean waters were just by the road. Beauty among desolation is what I felt. The people had their market stands set up all along the road. They were beautiful too. I felt thankful for all that I had back at home but I was also thankful to be here in this place. A little boy waved at me as we drove by and my heart was full of hope. Full of hope for Haiti.

As the week went by, I met many Haitians of all ages. I fell in love. The people of Haiti are strong, beautiful and welcomed me with open arms and hearts abandoned. I walked hand and hand with children almost everywhere I went. I spoke very little Creole and most of the people spoke little English but we communicated far beyond what words could say. We laughed, talked as much as we could, played games, and learned from each other. By the end of the week, I felt I had made many new friends. Several Haiti women had told me they loved me and I said I loved them too. The last day in the village I walked with a little girl and boy along the way. I had seen them several times during the week. The little boy was probably about 6, just a few years younger than my youngest child. When it was time to get on the bus, I told the children goodbye. As I looked out the window, there was the little boy looking back at me. I realized I would probably never see him again. Once again I cried. It was hard. It was wonderful. Going to Haiti changed me forever. Today I am thinking of all my friends in Haiti. I pray for them. I hope to see them again someday. And I have a great amount of hope for Haiti. Hope for Haiti, today and forevermore.

10489847_10204373046512205_4924344564112307017_n Me and Princess

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