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Was going through some of my posts from an old blog and came across this one. I felt it was good for almost any season in life and wanted to share it. Be blessed my friends.


Through our own energies sometimes we expect far too much of ourselves. Sometimes, strength is knowing we need others, knowing that we will be alright even after we fall, and knowing that that tomorrow is a brand new day. Sometimes, strength is letting go of what no longer matters, realizing that we are not alone, and that our God in heaven loves us. It is reaching up to our maker and reaching out to those around us. Sometimes strength is admitting we are wrong, that we are weak, small, and afraid. For the Lord shows his strength in our weakest hour.

In many cases strength is standing strong for another day, getting up after we fall, reaching out to others and pulling them close, loving when we don’t want to, apologizing when it’s hard, crying for those who are hurting, praying for those who are lost, rejoicing at God’s glory, and remembering that we are created with a purpose. And most of all, never losing hope and never giving up.

So, rejoice, love, pray, laugh, and stand stronger, knowing that you are not alone. Your God loves you and so do many others around you. Look at the beautiful person you are and love yourself, and let your strength shine though.

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