Fitness for Optimal Living

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Today we have my good friend, Kelley Raetzsch, as our guest blogger. This article was first published on Kelley’s blog over at Fredericksburg Parent. I loved it and felt it is another aspect of identity and wanted to share it with you. Be blessed my friends.



 Fitness for Optimal Living 
 Written by Kelley Raetzsch

 Take care of yourself.

My brother in-law spoke these words to me as we departed from our recent family vacation. I took these words to heart along with great conversations about food and physical activity. Before I tell you more consider this:

What comes to mind when you hear “fitness”?

Is it how your body looks?

Is it how well you can perform physical activity?

As I replayed the encouragement “take care of yourself” I considered other areas of fitness in my life. We must consider that our physical fitness is only one area of life where we benefit from being fit. How fit are you?

Physical Fitness. Get moving! Physical activity is known to keep illness and disease at bay, improve mood, increase energy, promote better sleep and achieve and maintain healthy weight. By the way, did you know some individuals can be FIT and FAT? Check out this great book:


Food Fitness. How well do you pay attention to what you are feeding your body? Are you fit with food? Does your intake include a variety of foods from all food groups? If you are missing complete food groups, counting calories or points, obsessing over what you ate, worried about gaining weight from eating certain foods, letting the scale or current diet control what you can and cannot eat, you may not be fit with food.

Spiritual Fitness. How do you express and engage in spirituality? Personally, I am Christian and aim to strengthen my relationship with God. Honestly, I have struggled recently in this area and might consider myself out of shape!! How can you get fit with spirituality? Check out this guide:


Family Fitness. Whether you are parents, grandparents, foster parents, etc., do you engage and participate with your family regularly and in positive ways? In my stage of life, I take the 15 minute drive home to clear my head of the da’ys work clutter and fill it with readiness to receive the energy of my two boys! When I don’t take this time, my family fitness diminishes. Can you relate?

Relationship Fitness. This is very similar to family fitness. Do you make time for those who are important to you? How do you spend that time. I’m out of shape in this area too, but I have a plan in place to get fit. My best friend and I have to schedule each other as appointments to make sure we can see each other consistently. Personally, I need this time to get regenerated in some areas of my life!

Mental Fitness. Oh boy, this one has been tough lately, too! I have allowed more negative thoughts to take space in my mind. Not good! I am diligently working to replace them with positive, life giving thoughts! Additionally, this can refer to keeping my mind sharp through learning, reading, and brain teasers! How’s your mental fitness?

Others? What are other areas of fitness we should consider in our lives? How fit do you consider yourself after thinking about fitness beyond the physical aspect?

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