Kingdom Journey

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Today’s Poetry Tuesday feature is hot off the presses by yours truly. I hope you enjoy it. Be Blessed my friends.

Kingdom Journey

How deep is your love?
No way to measure,
No beginning, no end,
More valuable than treasure.

How far does grace abound?
There’s no place it can’t reach,
Overcoming all things,
And repairing the breach.

How high was the price?
Paid on the cross,
Creating the bridge,
Enabling us to cross.

How close are you Lord?
When we draw near,
When we abandon it all
And step away from our fear.

How powerful is our shout?
When we give you praise,
When walls fall down,
And trails are blazed.

How defeated is the enemy?
When we take a stand,
Fight with your truth,
And take back our land.

How powerful is the faith?
You give to all,
When mountains are moved,
And we follow our call.

How will we feel?
When we see your face
Well done my servant,
You’ve finished your race.

All questions answered,
In your perfect time,
And together we’ll be
My beloved and mine.

© Leah Jacobsen

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