Going around again or moving forward?

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Here we are, already more than halfway through January in a brand new year. 2014 was quite an adventure for me. Lots of changes. A lot of growing. And a lot of letting go of my own will. It has probably been one of the most rememberable years of my life. I truly feel like The Lord started the year by saying, I want to take you on a journey, will you go with me? When I said yes to him. I heard the Lord say, “Just let go. Stop asking me how and why all the time”, “just know that I have all the answers and have had a path laid out for you since the beginning of time”. He truly has taken me on a journey this year. He has birthed new vision. I have trained in new skills. I have been on adventures. My oldest child has launched into his own path and walk with the Lord, and child two and three are about to be launched in just a matter on months. I have had to let go of some things that I loved, and give room for the Lord to heal old wounds and breathe new life on old dreams. All in all it has been a year with an incredible journey, restoration, and change.

I have always thought change is hard. But not changing and going around the mountain again is hard too. Sometimes when we come to a crossroads, it’s hard to decide, go on the known path, (again) or take a risk and try the new undiscovered trail. Sometimes as much as we hate going around the mountain again, it can also be comforting. Familiar. At least we have been here before. We recognize things. In uncharted territory, there are no familiar road marks. No part that says, oh wait, I know where we are. It’s all new ground. Total reliance on God. I think this is why we often resist change and new things, because it requires more trust in God. But there comes a time when going around the mountain has happened for too long. It is time to move on to new and better things. Time for us to step into the unknown and blaze a new trail. That is my prayer for each of you this year. That if the Lord is taking you on a journey, that you let him. That you face the unknowns, even if you are afraid. That you will even find excitement over the changes that the Lord is making in your life.

As we continue into a new year I am excited about my journey. It isn’t easy, but I trust the Lord. Change can be hard and even scary at times. But, in my life, not changing has become even harder and scarier. I don’t want to stay the same. I want to go where the Lord directs me. I want all that he has for me and my family. I want new adventures, the Lord’s adventures, no matter the cost. If this is where you are as well, let’s pray for one another and take comfort in the fact that we are not alone in our walk. That we have each other and that we always have a trustworthy Lord and Savior. Be blessed my friends.

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