Purified, Prepared, and Predestined

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Another awesome daily word from the Elijah List (elijahlist.com) Wow. And Amen is all I can say.

Bobby Conner:
Purified, Prepared, and Predestined

Days of Preparation

Beloved, we are in the midst of a great, divine acceleration in the Spirit. The Body of Christ is being prepared for a fresh, new day of God’s plan. The Spirit of God is doing a new thing and we must be prepared to move with Him (see Isaiah 48:6-7). Although this process could take a long time to mature fully, God has been preparing us for this day for many years! We are moving into the destiny the Lord has prepared for us before the foundation of the world.

This is a season of preparation. The Spirit of Truth is dealing deeply with Believers, calling us to draw near to Christ Jesus Himself with a holiness and single-mindedness like we have never before experienced. The Lord’s people are being groomed to encounter Him in the fiery cloud of His Presence, and God will be found by, and in, all who are seeking Him with their whole heart (see Jeremiah 29:12-13).
Truly, “deep is calling unto deep” (see Psalm 42:7). This is not the time to remain half-hearted and shallow: Now is the time to launch out into the deep and cry out with the apostle Paul, “That I may know Him” (Philippians 3:10), to be conformed to His image and to carry His presence. The Bride is being prepared to experience true union with Christ, to know Him intimately in order to be like Him in every aspect of our being, in spirit, soul, and body.

Revelation of Purity

How is this transformation happening? The Spirit of Truth is highlighting purity and uprightness so we may all walk in true holiness and the fear of the Lord (see 2 Corinthians 7:1). This lifestyle is not legalism but purity produced by love and loyalty for Christ the King.
Truly, the Body of Christ is no longer satisfied with knowing our Lord and Savior as a doctrine of our mental understanding. As the Lord responds to the hunger of His people, He is revealing the Person of Jesus in the inward parts of our spirit. What we’ve understood with our “head knowledge,” we will begin to experience through spiritual revelation. And as the eyes of our heart become enlightened, our character and lifestyle will be transformed (see Ephesians 1:17-18). Integrity and honesty will become paramount. We will live each day in such a manner that greatly pleases the Lord (see Colossians 1:9-10).

Revelation of Strategies

As a result of this deeper consecration to the Lord, many will receive divine strategies for this pivotal season (see John 16:13). The Spirit of Truth is releasing revelatory insights for all who are willing to hear Him with a heart set to obey what He is requesting (see James 1:22). Prepare to see an acceleration of the advancing of God’s plans and purposes. God will have a people of purity and power, who live, move, and have their being in the absolute authority of Christ.

Revelation of Destiny

Whether or not you feel you are fulfilling your destiny, you are being prepared by the King of kings for His good purposes. You were chosen by God and have been given a divine destiny in eternities past. Why? The Lord is calling you to partner with Him to shape the future of the Kingdom of God (see 2 Corinthians 6:1)! This seems almost too marvelous to be true, but it is the Word of God. Ephesians 2:10 explains:
“For we are HIS workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”
What does it mean to be “HIS workmanship”? The Greek term translated workmanship is poiema, from which we derive the English word poem. Indeed, we are God’s poem, written in ages past to be a living testimony of His presence on earth (see Psalm 139:16-17). Without exception, every Believer has been created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has ordained for us.

Revelation of Anointing

The desperate cry of many Believers is: “Oh, Lord, let Your works appear unto Your people” (see Psalm 90:16-17). The good news is that God’s anointing rests upon pure, upright followers of Jesus, and we will fulfill His purposes on earth. God has not only ordained good works for us, but He has also provided the grace we need to perform these works (see Philippians 4:13). We all have “an unction to function.” Each one of us is anointed to fulfill the purposes of God (see Acts 1:8).
As we move deeper into this season of sensitivity and revelatory enlightenment, we must never forget that our calling and destiny, our chief aim, is to abide in our Beloved Jesus Christ, fixing our eyes on Him and Him alone. Only in His light do we see light (see Psalm 36:9). Only in His presence do we obtain a happy, holy heart (see Psalm 16:11).
Leaders With Pure Hearts

These marks of maturity are being seen in many lives, but it is imperative that leaders set an even higher standard for the Body of Christ. Purity of heart and purity of motives are required if we are to behold the Lord (see Hebrews 12:14). Divinely appointed leaders are emerging who have a single heart’s goal to establish the King in His Kingdom on earth.
This purity of heart is an absolute requirement for every Believer and leader, because we are entering into a season of signs and wonders on a level never before experienced. But we must be on the alert: the supernatural will be displayed not only from the Holy Spirit but also from the dark side. Scripture warns that, in the last days, deception will be strong (see Matthew 24:24). Even though the enemy will attempt to deceive many, Christ Jesus will have for Himself a people prepared to do greater works (see John 14:12).
This is not a time for any Believer or leader in the Body of Christ to be humdrum, expecting only what we have seen and experienced before. We have never been where we are going now (see Joshua 3:4). We all must prepare for what is ahead: The call to embrace the awe of Almighty God. A wonderful, reverential fear of the Lord is returning to the people of God, releasing the wisdom of God (see Psalm 111:10).
The hearts and lives of millions are going to be touched and transformed by the power of God during these days, as God’s people return to a radical love for Christ.

Bobby Conner
Eagles View Ministries

Stadium Seating

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Why is that we get excited to go to a stadium and cheer on our favorite sports team. We wear their colors, scream and shout, sing songs and get that big foam finger. We know the players by name. We invest our time and money in sports paraphernalia. And when they hit a home run, make a basket, make it into the end zone or cross the finish line the crowd goes wild. Don’t get me wrong I like sports. I love the Atlanta Braves. My dad and I have been fans since I was a little girl. I can sing take me out to the ball game with the best of them. And I love cracker jacks.

The other night, in a prayer meeting, I saw a vision of a stadium full of people. The crowd on its feet and full of excitement. Then in the vision I saw Christ on the field, he ran into the end zone but instead of spiking the ball he just turned and stretched out his arms.

Whoa. It hit home for me. How often do we yell, scream and get excited over our favorite sports. How often do we talk sports at work, around the dinner table at our local gas station? How many times are we looking forward to the big game?

Then I thought about Sunday mornings. How quite are the pews? Do we sing, dance and praise God with the same passion that we cheer on our sports teams? Are we as excited to show up in the house of God as we are to head to out to the sports stadium? Do we talk about Jesus and how he died for our sins, and gave us a new life around the dinner table? Do we talk about the wonderful ways he has blessed our lives when we are at work or out with our friends? And why is it we are so comfortable with shouting and cheering even screaming for our favorite sports team, but so uncomfortable shouting praises to the one who gave everything so that we may have life.

I challenge the people of God to think about the excitement they feel when their team scores and the cheers they give to that team on the field and to ask themselves… doesn’t our savior who died on the cross deserve more excitement than that? Doesn’t he deserve our praises? Doesn’t he deserve our upmost attention and thankfulness? Come on people of God. If you can cheer for a team on the field, then you can cheer for the one who stretched out his arms and paid the price so you could have enteral life. Can we get just as excited and fired up in church this Sunday as we are for our sports teams when they win the game? And if we did get that excited… That excited for God, how would the whole atmosphere of the Body of Christ change? I think it’s worth a try. How about you?

A little mud makes things better

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I really can be an “indoor” kind of girl, though that has not always been the case. I grew up until the age of 14 in the Appalachian Mountains and spent many a day outside doing whatever. Even though that was a long time ago, that country girl comes out sometimes, accent and all. If there is one thing I truly miss about my childhood and the mountains, it is the lifestyle of spending sunny days digging in the dirt and playing in the streams. I have so many wonderful memories of those things.
So today, with the plentiful sunshine and a warm breeze I ask my 8 year old if he wanted to take a walk. He replied in a less enthusiastic manner, but off we went out the back door. We have a large amount of woods behind our home, and years ago we carved out a trail. I always love walking on a trail so much better than on a street. Well, we head off on our trail and in the back of our trail there is a large clearing where the land has been lumbered. In this clearing were several large puddles of water. Inspiration hit me, and being a home school mom I knew there was something to be learned.

I thought of all the times I loved playing in the streams and mud. So I told my son, let’s make a river and see how big we can make this one puddle. Well, now he replied with an enthusiastic “ yes”. We headed back to get a hoe and shovel as I explained how irrigation worked years ago. Well an hour later we had us a nice little river flowing from one puddle to the next and my son was super excited. We continued to play, splash, and build dams to make the water go from one place to another. At one point we built a dam and pooled a large amount of water before breaking the dam and watching the large stream flood into our small pond (now much too large to be called a puddle). It all felt so wonderful, the digging and work, the warm sun beating down on us, and most of all , the laughter from my child as he would slip in the mud or splash in our homemade stream. I enjoyed it as much as he did, as I basked in my memories of days gone by, and knew we were making new memories right in this moment. As he continued to come up with new ideas of how to make the water go in new directions and continued to have great fun playing in the mud, I stood there and just took in the moment. I am grateful for today. I am grateful for these moments that will become memories. I am grateful for my son. I am grateful for this time to spend with him. It made me think of how ungrateful I can be some days when life is pressing in on me and I am caught up in the hustle and bustle. It reminded me to be thankful for all the moments and small things in my life as well as the big things. I have much to be thankful for, and today I was so thankful for the sunshine, my kid and for mud.

At the end of all this as we were picking up our tools, my eight year old said “Mom, this was fun, we should do it more often. I said “you’re right”. I smiled as we headed back up our trail and thought how wonderful it is to be called “Mom” and how a little mud can make everything better.

Through the Fire

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Through the Fire

I walked through the fire
On my way to you
The flames grew higher
I was lost and confused
I had to let go of what I called me
And stop walking in my own way
So that I could truly see
Sometimes my faith grows weak
The path is like a stormy night
I hold on to his strong hand
I must fight the fight
When the enemy speaks lies
And tries to pull me away
I listen to my Lord
So that I do not stray
I step into the unknown
My feet begin to walk on a wire
He speaks the truth and I grow stronger
As I walk through the fire

© Leah Jacobsen

Embrace the Fire

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It is time to embrace the fire!

The Lord is calling many to change, calling, come closer, walk faster, stand longer, fight harder. He is calling for us to reach out and take the promise, to take what belongs to us. For many of us this is an exciting yet frightening time. Because it means we have to change and embrace the fire.

In times of change it can be difficult to let go and move on. Nevertheless, the Lord is calling, tugging at us, wanting us to move forward. Now if you are like me, I like my comfort zone, it feels good. However, I do want what God has for me, so therefore I want to follow Him wherever he leads me.

Which brings me to this, we must go through the fire, and learn to embrace it. God is the fire (Hebrew 12:29). Therefore, in coming closer to God is coming closer to fire. Now the fire is good, even though it may scare us. But the fire is a time of testing, purging, and refining. Hmm, refined I like that one. Like fine silver and gold, purged, to remove impurities, tested for strength, and refined to shine with His light. Polished and melded into God’s work of art. What more could we ask for? For now our feet are walking in His way, following His path. Even though it may be scary or sometimes even painful, the fire will merely burn away things that were hiding and holding us back. And when we embrace the fire, we come out stronger, purer, better…

So let us embrace the fire, and let God be our consuming fire, knowing that He is standing there with us. Be blessed my friends!

Hebrews 12:29 : For our God is a consuming fire.

Malachi 3:2-3 But who can endure the day of his coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like launderer’s soap. He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver; He will purify the sons of Levi, And purge them as gold and silver, That they may offer to the Lord an offering in righteousness.

Zechariah 2:5 For I, says the Lord, will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.

Stand Strong

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I wrote this poem several years ago, but feel it definitely applies to this season of changing and shifting to a a new level. We need to put on the full armor of God and having done all to stand, stand still. Knowing that it is not a flesh and blood battle that we fight but a spiritual battle. So gird up people of God and stand firm.

Stand Strong

Put on your armor
Stand stronger
Stand taller
Draw your sword today
He will make your way
Having done all to stand
Stand still, Follow his will
Don’t falter, don’t faint
The Eagle’s strength is given to those who wait
So stand behind His shield
And in you let your spirit yield
To the one who made us all
Choose to follow His call.

© Leah Jacobsen 2008

An On Time Word

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Here is a word from Doug Addison from the Elijah List. It is a very timely word and one that I wanted to share.

Doug Addison:

It’s Time to March Forward! Prophetic Signs From Bob Jones
There has been a horrendous attack against those who are advancing right now. March is coming in like a lion with warfare and resistance but it is going out like a lion as well. The result will create a new strength of character that you need right now: to be “gentle as a lamb.” Humility is a key to overcoming and advancing.

March Forward!

If there is one word to describe what we need to do…that is “March.” Forward motion will open the doors in front of you and close the doors behind. “As you go” things will open. Don’t sit down or give up right now. The enemy’s plans are to get you discouraged and quit, but God is sending help and angelic reinforcements.
The first three months of 2014 have been a testing time. Many people have taken themselves out of the game but it is not time to back down. It is time to keep moving forward!!! God is promoting people who are able to overcome, remain humble and engaged.

Sudden Advancement

Watch for surprises and sudden advancement. God is taking the Heavenly resources for the higher callings and gifts that were intended for those who quit and giving them to people who are ready and willing. This will unfold more from now through July. Ask God to show you assignments or tasks that others have forgotten about or stopped using. As you pick these Heavenly tasks up, you will see an accelerated increase in growth and resources.

Wisdom, Peace and Encouragement

As you may have seen or experienced, there is an extreme amount of turmoil on the earth right now. It is happening with the weather and in the political overthrowing of governments. Disharmony is at an extreme level.
It is so important to stay at peace during this storm. It will take three characteristics of the Holy Spirit to get through: Wisdom, Peace, and Encouragement. God is granting a huge amount of peace and encouragement for those who need it. As you begin to exercise new levels of wisdom, God will establish a new foundation so that many of the prophetic words you’ve received will make sense. God says that the Spirit of encouragement will win this year.

“By wisdom the Lord laid the earth’s foundations, by understanding He set the heavens in place.” Proverbs 3:19