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Introverts Beware

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This past weekend I had the privilege of a little getaway with my hubby. It was a great weekend, but I do have a warning for my fellow introverts out there….

Don’t go to the Cheesecake Factory on a Friday night if you’re an introvert.
Okay. You have been warned.

Cheesecake Factory
You may find yourself in the middle of the restaurant at an open table. No. Not a booth, but a two person table, surrounded by strangers, with the chatter so loud that immersing one’s self in a safe, world closing bubble, is very difficult and leaves oneself with complete and total booth envy. I found myself in just this situation, with the only comforts being the promise of delicious food and even more deliciousness of cheesecake and the dashing man across from me who’s learned to a accommodate my introvert ways.



It’s actually quite funny. Now he only laughs at my funny ways and my threats of bolting for the door. And, yes… I did almost bolt for the door until warm buttered bread was put in front of me and my hubby assured me I would survive. You will be happy to know that I did survive. All in all, we had a great dinner and a wonderful evening.


It left me grateful that God has grown me to the place of seeing my unique ways and laughing at myself and my husband to the place of accepting me for who I am in all my weirdness.
I will leave you with this thought. If you’re an extrovert then be happy this situation would not affect you in the same way and for my fellow introverts, BEWARE.

Be You Bravely

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I saw this video a few days ago from a friend on Facebook. It impacted me greatly. My wish, no my prayer is that each of us would take this message to heart. That we would embrace who we are. That we would be comfortable in our own skin. That we could be comfortable being who He created us to be.  So my friends, I pray for you today, to take a step with me and together to Be You Bravely.